He matches the grinding of his hips to the rhythm of his tongue in her mouth.
She lifts her legs almost involuntarily up around those hips, and it's the "hug"
his body has been waiting for.

"Nnnh. Just a little more..." he admonishes himself and rides the wave of her
Venus Mons, the base of his cock rubbing one out on the little button of love
fully exposed by flower fully open. The quicksliver shudder of her loins and the
squeeze/squelch of love's most tender muscle around his shaft foretoken hot
liquid girl cum. He would think it's just in time, but thinking has been done for a
while now. He feels the twitch fatale and a dollop of ecstasy so sweet descends
onto his dick that it lifts one of his eyebrows in an agony of acknowledgment.
"Damn it!" is all his mind can give him grinning all over its face. He's losing it,
hunching into her just deeply enough and so close the kiss of her nether lips to
the base of his cock is audible. She's killing him, and what he wouldn't give if
that were only the all of it...

That she had reason to stray doesn't sanction the act of it. Ditto for what he
does now. It is the classic two wrongs, but there is no living with his end of it.
You don't just work through murder. First of all, it's too one-sided a process,
and a second of all is impossible to see at the moment. Her eyes tell him she
loathes him most for the violence. She actually disdains him and for some
reason this makes him smile.

It's an odd thing for him to do right here, right now, but it's the only honest thing
he's done in such a very long time. In everything else, including choking her at
this very moment, he has been the cheat in as much that he was the first to
deceive long before anybody put their hands on anybody else and it all became
so damned unforgivable.

With his own hands now completely around her throat, he can feel the
percussion of the very air he breathes. It has a concussive affectation of near
psychic proportions. It is air with an aura if you will, a shimmering green aura.
He can see it and it is like being hit with a pillow in the chest over and over just
trying to breathe; yet he is breathing all the while.

"Shit." A shiver of voluptuousness catches him off guard. In the midst of
whatever this is, though sex should be something of a non sequitur, he is way
more than almost there. Even if those disdainful eyes are fast losing any regard
whatsoever for his presence and even though her life has begun an all out fight
for itself, he simply can't hold back a second more.

He relinquishes what's left of his control and lets the fast churning pleasure of
release over take his groin in totality. Convulsing the muscles of his abs, and
buckling his hips is a fluid staccato of fucking and penetration so deep his dick
gives an "amen". He feels... love. He feels aflame. Gripping her throat even
more tightly, his every sinew contracting and straining toward this rippling and
perfect delight, he feels a heavy happiness; happiness he knows must last him
the rest of his life, though without her by his side he is not so sure how long that
can be. But, it's first thing in the morning and there is a whole day spread out
before him.

Leaving his mind behind, he walks naked outside their home into an exactitude
of perfect sunlight. His senses are filled with the radiance and sensuality of her
he has loved like no other. And at the precise moment his heart is so filled to
overflowing with that love that he thinks he might cum again just from the vision
of her in his heart, his head is ripped from its neck. The ghost of his satiation
escapes its confines, wisp-ing as a tendril into a faintly green ether of hunger
that would have loosed his mind had he had it with him when he left the house.
What's more, he would swear to God, if he could, that his ears can hear the soft
whoosh slap of outsized wings.

Chapter One...
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